Workout to help you stay trim during the holidays



It’s no secret that most people tend to pack on the holidays pounds this time of year. Between corporate luncheons, high-calorie holiday drinks and grandma’s homemade pie recipe, constantly having to saying no can get difficult.  Here is a workout to help you stay trim during the holidays and lessen your guilt for indulging in one of your favorite holiday treats.

You can add this workout to your usual routine or if you don’t have a typical workout schedule, incorporate this into your regular daily routine. Although this exercise will only take you 12 minutes to complete, it will almost double the amount of calories burned during a typical elliptical workout.

Elliptical glute and quad burner

  • Exercise at a moderate rate using both your arms and legs, this will be your recovering rate. (Minute 0-1 )
  • Pick up the speed on the elliptical and hit it as fast as you can for 15 seconds. This is called a blast. (1 min -1:15 )
  • Return to the recovering rate for 45 seconds. (1:16-2:00)
  • Next phase is the glute and quad burner. Switch to the inside grips. This will allow you to focus on using your legs. Lower your stance with a slight bend in your knees. This will activate your quads and glutes to do all of the work. (2:00-2:15)
  • Rest and go into recovering rate. (2:16-3:00)
  • The chart below depicts the workout cycle for a total of 3 minutes. Repeat the cycle until you complete a total of 12 minutes.
Recover rate 0-1:00 Time
Blast 1:00-1:15 Time
Recover Rate 1:16-2:00 time
Glute and quad burner 2:00-2:15 time
Recover rate 2:16-3:00 time

-Amador Rosales, Personal Trainer