How To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

william sonoma


The holidays are quickly nearing and with this time of year comes food, drink and dessert overload. This season is very tricky and it’s very easy to fall off the FIT wagon.  Here are a few of my tricks to stay healthy during the holiday season:

First, when you go to the party, dinner or family gathering, have a plan. Think ahead of what you will eat there. If it’s a restaurant, check the website and do your own research. All restaurants have their menus and ingredients posted on the web nowadays making it easy for guests to plan.

If you’re headed to a pot luck, make a dish that you know you will enjoy personally on the chance that there won’ be too many healthy options.

What do you do if you have no idea what to expect? My advice is to have a healthy snack beforehand to keep yourself from reaching for the fried calamari or brownies right away. Scan the table and pick a few items that look healthy, fresh and better for you.

Appetizers. They look so innocent and little but add hundreds to thousands of calories before the main dish is served. To battle the bulge, pick healthier snacks. Leave room for that delicious turkey, broccoli salad and sweet potato pie.

Finally, it’s time for dessert. Who doesn’t like dessert?! If you know you will have that piece of chocolate cake, cheesecake or pie, keep this in mind the entire evening. Try to leave some room in your belly for that special treat if it’s something you can’t ignore.  Plus, everyone deserves to indulge every once in a while.

Holiday cocktails are tricky. Alcohol can add hundreds of calories before the party even starts. Keep this in mind and drink more water. It will help you feel better the next day too.

Overall, have a plan. Always. Plan your meals and goals ahead of time. And remember, your belly is not a garbage can. Treat it with respect and give it only the best. Tell yourself that you can stay healthy during the holiday season!

Marzena Castillo, Fitness Instructor