Tips To Keep You From Being A Workout Zombie

Here are some great workout tips to keep you from being a “Workout Zombie” in the new year from Ben Plotner, Personal Trainer at Score Sports Center. 

ZombieTreadmillWith the New Year upon us, now is the time to take your workouts to the next level.  We’ve all experienced a lull in our workout routines at one time or another, heading to the gym and using the same strength and cardio machines.  If you are guilty of this, you are a “Workout Zombie.”

The reason you chose Score Sports Center was because of the latest equipment, technology and unique classes, which begs the question: Why are you still doing the same boring routine?

Make your resolution to become part of the living once again.  As a new member, you should’ve completed a PGA and Scrimmage introducing you to some of the state-of-the-art equipment.  Take advantage of the free classes offered here as they are a great way to break up your routine.  Score Sports Center offers classes for everyone ranging from Aerial Yoga and Reformer Pilates to Hydro Cycle and BodyShred.

Want to train at a certain intensity? Unlike other facilities, Score Sports Center offers Small Group Training that utilizes unique ‘Zone rooms’ throughout the facility.  The Personal Trainers are top notch and can help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals.  The team will help give you the extra motivation you need to get over that hump and see results.

As a member of Score Sports Center, there is no reason for you to become a Workout Zombie.  If you’re realizing that you fit this profile, here are a few ideas to improve your routine.  As always, please ask a Personal Trainer for further explanation or demonstration of an exercise. 

If you always do this:                           Try this:

Chest Press                                            Front Squats (Bar, dumbbell, kettlebell)

Leg Press                                               Platform Step-ups

Bicep Curl                                              Reverse-grip Pulldown, TRX bodyweight curls

Shoulder Press                                     Barbell Angle Press, Front & Lateral raises

Abdominal Crunch                               Planks, Anti-rotation Press Out

Treadmill                                             Elliptical, Swimming, Water Walking

Stationary Bike                                   Score Cycle, Hydro Cycle