Joe Saban- Winner of 10-Week Re-Shape Challenge


Joe Saban is the winner of the Score Sports Center 10-Week Re-Shape Challenge, losing the highest percentage body fat and gaining the highest percentage lean muscle mass.


Joe SabanJoe Saban is a 47-year-old native of the Western Suburbs, attending Lyons Township High School as a young student with his brothers and friends.  Needless to say, Joe calls Willow Springs “home.”  Joe is part of what the mainstream calls the typical suburban family, a husband supporting a wife and two grown children as a meat cutter and part-owner of his family seafood restaurant, Saban’s. Between both jobs and his role as a husband and father, Joe works seven days a week, making it difficult to find time for himself and his health.

Two years ago, Joe’s health was at an all-time low, weighing in at more than 400 lbs. with an addiction to soda and poor drinking and smoking habits.  “I was at a point where I was polishing off a 12-pack of soda by noon everyday,” Saban openly admitted.  “Quitting smoking and drinking combined was nothing compared to what I went through in quitting my soda addiction.”

Joe quickly made the commitment to quit drinking soda and immediately suffered from serious withdrawals: severe headaches, irritability, nausea and exhaustion.  It seemed like an impossible feat with no light in sight.

Since Joe’s put an end to his poor habits, he’s lost nearly 100 lbs.

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“I never realized how bad my health was until I started feeling really good,” Saban said. “This feeling is the best and most motivating feeling you could have.  This is what keeps me going.”

After committing to club after club and searching for the ideal experience, Joe joined Score Sports Center.  He began his Personal Training program with Coach Nick Cartwright, who he credits to making his weight loss journey a success.

“Nick mentioned to me one day that this may be a great program for me.  It sounded like fun and something interesting, so I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Nick worked with Joe regularly at 5:00 a.m., adapting his movements and workouts to better support his bad shoulder and neck.  He had a goal weight loss in mind to motivate him through the program, but he realized that no matter what happened, Joe would still be a winner. “You’ll be so much healthier and happier after it all,“ Coach Nick told him.  “No matter what happens, you’re still a winner.”

After 10 weeks of early mornings, dedication to his health and constant motivation from his Coach, Joe won the 10-Week Re-Shape Challenge, losing an admirable 14.1 lbs. and 6.2% Body Fat.  Along with these incredible full-body alterations, Joe also gained 8 lbs. of Muscle Mass, making this experience the most successful training regimens he’s ever had.

“I am so grateful for Nick and all of the other trainers taking such an interest in me and my health,” Joe said.  “I’ve joined so many health clubs in the area and for the very first time, every single trainer, whether they knew me or not, helped motivate me and gave me new ideas to keep my workouts fun and interesting.  This is by far the best group of trainers I’ve ever worked with.”

Now that Joe is healthier in all aspects of his life, he reflects on the lifestyle changes he is committed to making for himself and his family.

“I still love a good steak and potatoes every now and then, but cauliflower mashed potatoes are a great substitute. I thought, no way this will taste good, but I love them.  It’s all mental.”

Joe says that “diet” is not part of his vocabulary.  He is committed to an overall lifestyle change, eating lean proteins like chicken and turkey, ample servings of vegetables and, if he earns a treat, whole grain carbs like whole grain bread or pasta.  Joe is impressed with the selection of whole grain products now available to customers and highly recommends this option for those looking to fill the void.

“Losing weight takes dedication,” Joe firmly explained.  “Stay committed to your goal even when you hit that plateau.  It’s so easy to give up, but you can do this.”