Score Sports Center- Changing Lives

Score Sports Center is changing lives every single day, hoping to inspire change and leadership in others. This is the life changing story of Martin Garza.

MartinGarzaMartin Garza, 68, joined Score Sports Center in February 2016 and on February 15, Martin came in for his Fitness Assessment.  Now that he is retired from his 45-year career as a construction foreman for Nash Brothers, he joined SSC to stay fit and continue to live the active lifestyle he’s maintained for so many years.  In the initial testing, this 5’8” gentleman had the following statistics:

February 15, 2016
213.6 lbs    Gross Body Weight
79.1 lbs        Skeletal Muscle Mass
73.0 lbs         Body Fat Mass
32.5%        Body Mass Index
34.2 %        Percentage Body Fat

These numbers were a bit high.  Immediately after receiving his results, Mr. Garza was struck with the fitness bug and committed himself to an hour of weight training on a regular basis.  He asked to be tested again to compare his results.  On May 31st, what we found was incredible.

May 31, 2016
198.9 lbs    Gross Body Weight 
78.5 lbs        Skeletal Muscle Mass
59.1 lbs         Body Fat Mass
30.2%        Body Mass Index
29.7 %        Percentage Body Fat  

Losing nearly 15 pounds of bodyfat was quite an achievement, but the most life changing statistics came from his Primary Care Physician at his check-up in May.

In February, Martin started taking a new medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was a borderline Diabetic.  When his test results came back in May, the doctor told him, “I’ve never seen anyone improve this much in such a short time.”  As a result, he no longer takes cholesterol and high blood pressure medication.

Martin’s cholesterol level was at an all-time high 181 with a fasting glucose level of 111.  Now, Martin has significantly lowered his cholesterol to 128 and fasting glucose level to 98.

He hopes his son will join the club to impart similar improvements in his health.  Until then, Martin will have bragging rights and may be insufferable to be around. He now spends his days as a real estate investor in rental properties in the Chicago suburbs.

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