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6 Post-Thanksgiving Workouts

6 post-thanksgiving workouts

Thanksgiving marks the kick-off to the long holiday season and is one of the biggest food holidays of the year.  With the excitement and buzz of family, friends and massive quantities of delicious food in the air, it’s easy to go a bit overboard and indulge in too many goodies on the table. If you find yourself… Read more »

3 Yoga Words To Motivate You

When it comes to getting back into our daily schedules, whether it be work or school related, we tend to become robots. Later this month, summer vacations will be ending, kids will be heading back to school and busy schedules will ensue. The freedom of summer and warm relaxing weather will begin to slowly fade, but… Read more »

Score Sports Center- Changing Lives

Score Sports Center is changing lives every single day, hoping to inspire change and leadership in others. This is the life changing story of Martin Garza. Martin Garza, 68, joined Score Sports Center in February 2016 and on February 15, Martin came in for his Fitness Assessment.  Now that he is retired from his 45-year career… Read more »

Joe Saban- Winner of 10-Week Re-Shape Challenge

  Joe Saban is the winner of the Score Sports Center 10-Week Re-Shape Challenge, losing the highest percentage body fat and gaining the highest percentage lean muscle mass.   Joe Saban is a 47-year-old native of the Western Suburbs, attending Lyons Township High School as a young student with his brothers and friends.  Needless to… Read more »

Six Essential Tips For A Successful Cleanse

  Spring is finally here!  Hurray for longer days, more sunlight and more time outside enjoying nature.  It’s time to spring clean the body with a gentle cleanse. The main purpose of a cleanse is to clear the body of toxins and contaminants that can accumulate in joints, organs, tissues, cells and in the bloodstream…. Read more »

A guide to improving health and fitness for women

    March 8, 2016, is International Women’s Day, so this is a salute to all the wonderful women in the world and these who love them!   Here is a guide to improving health and fitness for women of all ages. First, I would like to hail the strength and stamina of women everywhere by reminding… Read more »

7 Heart Healthy Snacks

It’s American Heart Month and here at SSC, we strive to help you make small improvements in your overall lifestyle that will help you live a more sound life. Sometimes we forget that the role our heart plays in our everyday life is the most important role of all and we don’t care for it… Read more »

Five tips to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

Here are five tips to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions and achieving your goals from Dan Gingras, Group Exercise Instructor at SSC.  It’s the start of a new year and you know what that means: it’s time to make those resolutions and get back in shape. There are a few things to consider when getting back in… Read more »

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Difficult To Maintain

Why New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to maintain from Kyle Bergman, Director of Youth Programs at SSC Staying motivated to workout week after week is a challenge for everyone.  New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to maintain. These resolutions to work out more, lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, etc. typically taper off 3-4 weeks into the New Year.  One… Read more »

Tips To Keep You From Being A Workout Zombie

Here are some great workout tips to keep you from being a “Workout Zombie” in the new year from Ben Plotner, Personal Trainer at Score Sports Center.  With the New Year upon us, now is the time to take your workouts to the next level.  We’ve all experienced a lull in our workout routines at one… Read more »