The Benefits of Water Rowers

This week we understand the benefits of Water Rowers and how to be on your way to self-improvement this month.

Score Sports CenterMedical Professionals and Physical Therapists alike trust the benefits of Water Rowers as an excellent cardio exercise. Burning up to 1,000 calories per hour and working out up to 84% of your muscle mass during one exercise, rowing is a highly beneficial exercise without the perceived fatigue and exhaustion often apparent when using other cardio training equipment. Not to mention, the soft swooshing sound of the water in the flywheel has a natural calming effect.

The water rower machine is very smooth and reduces strain on the hip flexors at the end of the stroke unlike other rowing machines. It is a great non-weight bearing option for those with knee, ankle or foot issues, allowing them to work the upper body instead.

Most people are hunched over their desks at work or slouch in their chairs at home. The rowing motion wakes up your body and fires all the muscles in your back and abdominal area to help improveĀ posture and core stability. Reverse the hours of damage poor posture can do to your body with one of our five Life Fitness Water Rowers in our Premier Zone!

-Aubrie Nelson, B.S., CPT, CC