The Benefits of Group Exercise

This week we get to know our new Group Exercise Director,  Aubrie Nelson, B.S., CPT, CC and understand the benefits of group exercise.


Aubrie Nelson - Group Excersise Director



I graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition. I have worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor in this industry for more than 10 years. You name a class and I have most likely 
taught it!

I have been passionate about sports and fitness all my life and wanted to play on every team possible. I found my niche in both track and field and dance and continued both throughout my college career. I competed in sprinting, jumping and Javelin at the Division 1 level. I also participated in dance and ice crew for several Chicagoland sports teams. I currently participate in volleyball and softball leagues.  One of my biggest accomplishments was winning two 1st place medals in Figure and Fitness Competitions and placed Overall Champion in Figure.

Here at SSC, we will be offering more than 60 programs a week in group exercise. Group exercise offers a variety of benefits you may not otherwise experience while working out on your own.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Exposure to a social and happy environment:  Sometimes after a long day, you need to surround yourself with positive, motivating and happy people.
  • A safe and effective workout: Your instructor knows how to design a workout for every individual, no matter their level of fitness.
  • A consistent exercise schedule: Taking the first step is the hardest part. Once you find your rhythm, working out becomes a part of your day like anything else.
  • An accountability factor for participating with others:  Not in the mood to work out? Your peers will help motivate you to hit the gym, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.
  • A workout that requires no prior exercise knowledge or experience:  With smaller class sizes, your instructor has the ability help guide you along so you will never feel overwhelmed.

I’m excited to bring my knowledge, talents and enthusiasm to Score Sports Center and look forward to meeting you!