Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and acrobatics performed on a hammock made of silk fabric typically hung from the ceiling. There are a variety of benefits in practicing Aerial Yoga. The hammock can be used as a prop to assist in proper alignment and deepening of regular yoga poses, as well as a playful tool to experiment with more challenging acrobatic moves.

One of the greatest benefits of Aerial Yoga is that it provides major spinal decompression, offering relief from forms of low back pain. With this decompression of the joints and spine, proper alignment and posture can be achieved with more ease. Additional benefits of this type of yoga include:


  • A great full body workout in each class since almost every part of the body is utilized, strengthened and stretched throughout class. Performing yoga poses with the hammock improves the ability to hold poses for longer periods of time, helping to tone and strengthen the muscles and joints.
  • Improved circulation and blood flow due to the many inversions performed in class. What is an inversion? An inversion is any movement or position when your head is below your heart. This provides many benefits to the body. Some of these benefits include increased blood circulation which improves overall circulation, respiration and digestion, as well as improved mental ability and memory by allowing fresh blood to reach the brain.
  • Developing new body skills that you never thought would be possible in a regular yoga class. Postures that are particularly challenging in yoga typically become easier after practicing Aerial Yoga. This class allows you to try new poses, inversions and deepen postures with the help of this supportive fabric.
Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga can significantly improve strength, stability and flexibility at any level of practice. Students who regularly practice Aerial Yoga typically notice a drastic improvement in their regular yoga practice and are able to achieve postures and goals that they previously struggled with. The practice of Aerial Yoga is a fun, relaxing and engaging form of exercise, as well as a beautiful art form with many beneficial strengthening and healing aspects.

I look forward to seeing you in my class! Check out Score Sports Center’s class schedule for times. Namaste.

Andrea Duvnjak, Instructor at Score Sports Center