3 Yoga Words To Motivate You

When it comes to getting back into our daily schedules, whether it be work or school related, we tend to become robots. Later this month, summer vacations will be ending, kids will be heading back to school and busy schedules will ensue. The freedom of summer and warm relaxing weather will begin to slowly fade, but vacation is simply a mindset.

We can continue these positive vibes just by becoming mindful as we get back to our regular schedule. Here are three yoga words and phrases to remember that will help bring you peace and remain free of the mechanical lifestyle we tend to fall into.

Namaste- Honoring the souls around you, the light, the truth and the peace and beauty that’s within you. Remember that, when confrontation arises, the person causing friction or discomfort is a soul: a spirit and individual that’s imperfect like yourself.

Shanti- A mental, physical and spiritual bliss that leads to peace and a clear perception. Don’t let the overload of work and responsibilities cloud your vision. Happiness is a state of mind no one can give or take away from you, but once you attach your happiness to objects, people and social validation, sadness, rejection and depression take root.

Meraki- The soul and creativity to put love into what you do. Let the work you do be a reflection of yourself. Put love in the things you do and create. This will inspire others around you and create a positive wave of energy.

Write these words down and keep them visible on your refrigerator, in your car or at your desk. Stay focused this fall season and be mindful in all you do. For more motivation throughout your week, try one of our many Yoga classes here at SSC.