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19 Ways To Stay Fit During The Holidays

      We all know the secrets to surviving the temptations before attending a cocktail or dinner party (drink a big glass of water beforehand, fill up on veggies and fruit from the buffet table, eat just a nibble of the calorie-rich foods, sip on seltzer water all evening or skip the drinks that lower… Read more »

Workout to help you stay trim during the holidays

  It’s no secret that most people tend to pack on the holidays pounds this time of year. Between corporate luncheons, high-calorie holiday drinks and grandma’s homemade pie recipe, constantly having to saying no can get difficult.  Here is a workout to help you stay trim during the holidays and lessen your guilt for indulging in… Read more »

Staying Trim Over The Holidays

You already know the best weight loss long term is regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, but during the holidays life and family can take us off course.  Here are a few tips to keep you staying trim over the holidays: Water consumption   Drinking enough water is very important, especially during the dry winter months when we are… Read more »

Stretching For Knee Pain

Score Sports Center’s Nick Cartwright shows you proper stretching to help alleviate your knee pain and make your workouts pain free.