Monthly Archives: November 2015

Post Turkey Day Belly-Buster Workout

The most dangerous time of the year is here, so we are giving you a great post Turkey Day belly-buster workout to help you stay trim during the holidays. Here is a great interval-based workout you can do at home or here at the club from Derrick Babinsky, Assistant Sports Performance Director here at SSC. All… Read more »

How To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

  The holidays are quickly nearing and with this time of year comes food, drink and dessert overload. This season is very tricky and it’s very easy to fall off the FIT wagon.  Here are a few of my tricks to stay healthy during the holiday season: First, when you go to the party, dinner… Read more »

Reggie’s Trim Down Tip

  Reggie’s Trim Down Tip will help you battle that holiday bulge this season.  We all know the dreaded holiday pounds are hard to avoid with all of the delicious turkey, stuffing  and pies lurking around every corner. The SSC team is here to help you trim down this holiday season!   – Reggie Vantrease,… Read more »